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Grease Is the Word’: Exploring a Cultural Phenomenon

The Introduction Grease’s blockbuster status completed the long learning curve of making box office giants out of musicals that began after studio executives scrambled to repeat the success of The Sound of Music in 1965. It was a period marked primarily with expensive productions that were then rolled out as spectacles in road-showing with higher-than-normal …

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Film School or Not?

I recently did an MA in creative writing and must say that it was a significant waste of time. 90% of the feedback was from other students who knew as little or less about writing as I did. I also taught screenwriting at various colleges over the years and found that the colleagues who had …

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Best Screenwriting Books?

Over the last twenty years, the two titles that have most often been mentioned in producers’ offices and studio meetings have been: Robert McKee’s STORY and Linda Seger’s HOW TO MAKE A GOOD SCRIPT GREAT. If you are going to use one of the books, you might as well use one that the people you …

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