Here’s some free advice on how to succeed in the business written by someone with over twenty years of experience of working with writers and getting their scripts sold and made. There is no one with this background online providing you with this grade of information. Yes, there’s plenty of former script readers and producers, as well as a few former agents and scriptwriters. But no one has done all of these things. On top of that, I have a recent PhD that involved 5 years of research on what makes scripts work at the box office.

​By the time you have read these articles, you will know more about writing a script that sells and how to have a career as a screenwriter by avoiding some key mistakes in working with agents, producers, directors etc., than most film school students, and I have taught at a number of film schools.

​The other thing to bear in mind is time. Your time. How precious it is. I have seen writers make the same mistakes in their scripts over and over again. Spend hundreds of hours on concepts that have no chance of ever selling. This is time you could be spending with friends, family, just having fun. I have seen professional writers who know these things turn out amazing first drafts in three months. Respect yourself. Don’t waste your time. A mentoring session with me can save you hours of your life that you will never get back and set you on a course to success by making sure you are working on the right idea in the right way and then know to get it to the right people who will get your script made.

​These articles are getting constantly being updated and added to, so please check in weekly.

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