Grease Is the Word’: Exploring a Cultural Phenomenon

With its catalogue of hit songs, iconic characters, memorable quotes and familiar scenes, ‘Grease’ is truly a behemoth of US and global popular culture. From the stage show’s debut in 1971, to the Hollywood film of 1978, to the numerous rereleases and anniversary celebrations of the twenty-first century, it has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, success across a range of media. ‘Grease’’s extended run on Broadway through the 1970s ensured it a prominent place within broader debates on the musical, 1950s nostalgia and American youth. Numerous stage revivals have followed, with theatres across the world revisiting Rydell High in front of sell-out audiences. Hollywood has time and again sought to recreate ‘Grease’ the movie’s phenomenal box-office success with a procession of similarly themed rock and roll youth musicals (‘Footloose’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, the ‘High School Musical’ franchise, to name a few). However, even as these productions enjoy their own renown, in terms of sheer longevity, prominence and popularity, ‘Grease’ was, is and will remain ‘the word’ when it comes to musical blockbusters.

Test Your Script

Questions production companies & studios, publishers and agencies will ask of your script, novel, play, article or short-story: (Taken from the confidential studio instruction manual given to executives and readers). THE COMMENT The “comment” is that portion of the coverage in which the reader gives a critical appraisal of the material. Comments usually run from …

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Creative Decision Making within the Contemporary Hollywood Studio System by Dr. Alex Ross

This is an article I wrote for the prestigious Journal of Screenwriting that was peer-reviewed, in other words, subjected to intense scrutiny by some of the leading people in the field to ensure that the content is AAA. Creative decision-making within the contemporary Hollywood studio System by Dr. Alex Ross This article seeks to contribute …

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Why William Goldman Was Wrong

Why William Goldman Was Wrong: The Studios Always Make Money As a starting point, this article examines the New Hollywood period between 1966 and 1985, when audiences were increasingly being drawn to television, and studios were struggling to tap into the period’s complex zeitgeist. Hollywood films such as The Graduate (Mike Nichols, 1967), Bonnie and …

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